N-SIM Structured Illumination Super-resolution Microscope

N-SIM Features

  • Subdiffraction resolution (110-130nm)
  • 0.6 sec/image acquisition speed
  • NIS Elements-driven

The Nikon Structured Illumination Super-resolution Microscope realizes resolution of up to 115 nm in multiple colors (405, 488, 561, 640). We are able to capture imaging in 2D,3D (with Piezo stepping) and TIRF mode, in both fixed and in some live cells. Unlike conventional confocal microscopes, which are deblurring  instruments that remove out-of-focus light through the use of pinholes, the N-SIM system utilizes moiré fringes to illuminate biological structures with spatially structured excitation light to achieve resolution beyond Ernst Abbe’s diffraction limit. Now equipped with a Tokai Hit incubated chamber, the N-SIM system is capable of live cell imaging at 37° and soon will be capable of maintaining 5% CO2.




Comparison of optical resolution achieved using conventional confocal (left) and Nikon SIM structured illumination super-resolution microscope (right). Note that the SIM system successfully resolved the double globular heads of myosin II (red arrows) along stress fibers. Myosin is visualized using GFP-tagged regulatory light chain. Picture source: Laboratory of Dr. Teng-Leong Chew

The N-SIM was purchased through a shared instrumentation grant awarded to Teng-Leong Chew by the NIH (1S10OD016342-01).