Nikon AZ-100 & AZ/C2 Macro Confocal

The Nikon AZ-100 multizoom microscope covers a very wide range of biological imaging needs. users can perform seamless and continuous zoom from 5X to 400X through its zoom optical system. A series of lenses designed for exclusive use allow observation with low chromatic aberration, high NA and high contrast in whole observation magnifications. Also, because aperture diaphragm links with zooming optical system, contrast can be set properly depends on the magnification.Our AZ-100 system is equipped with both grey scale as well as RGB color detection, making it possible to document data both in quantifiable monochrome images as well as color images.

The facility also has the capability to convert the system into a scanning confocal macroscope upon request by adding the C2 scan module.  The addition of the C2 scan head allows users to optically section 3D specimen resulting in clear and sharp images.

Please contact Josh or Dina for further details.